Our 10 Point Commitment to Our Clients

Your success directly relates to the success of our firm. The Rodeheaver Group is committed to delivering timely, competent, quality services within every area of our announced professional capacity. Our client commitments include:


We believe that our clients should have easy access and receive timely responses from our team members — we are your local CPA firm, cross-trained to function as a team and to know one another’s clients. We have live phones and open doors.


We believe that we need to understand what is unique about you and your business in order to effectively serve you — we invest in getting to know you on a personal level; we listen carefully to gain understanding.


We believe that our clients deserve to have our work explained to them in a way that makes it understandable, useful and actionable — we regularly interact with you throughout the engagement and present the results of our work to you in person.


We believe that work performed and advice given should be free from error and omissions — all work performed is reviewed by highly experienced managers and principals and advice given is checked against comprehensive, powerful research engines which are updated real-time.


We believe that we should be able to respond to all of our clients’ needs — we have developed a network of professionals whose combined competencies and experience represent a total source solution.


We believe in regularly visiting with our clients outside the scope of existing engagements — we schedule goodwill visits to ensure that we are apprised of your current issues and to proactively explore ways in which we may more fully serve you.


We believe our clients should receive timely updates on changes that impact them — we help you make sense of changes that impact you via timely notices transmitted through various channels of communication.


We believe that we must take an active role and have a vested interest in the communities that we serve — we live, work, and play in Garrett Co., Morgantown and surrounding areas and are active in either volunteer or advisory capacity with every major government, non-profit and community development organization in the region.


We believe that our people should have the tools, training and industry experience needed to excel in servicing their clients — we invest in the best technologies and training methods available.


We believe in you — our success and the success of the communities we love is dependent on your success. We do everything in our power to ensure that you are thrilled with the value that you receive.